Online Symptom Checker from TCM Clinic

Holistic medicine is on the rise again. People are turning into traditional holistic medicine once again because of the treatments only use natural products with minimum risks of side effects. Chinese medicine has centuries of tradition and even in this modern era, it is still proven to treat many different health conditions and diseases.

You may have certain issues about your body and have been suffering with several symptoms. You are wondering whether you can get the right treatment based on Chinese herbal medicine. But the problem is, you can’t afford to go to China and there’s no Chinese medicine practitioner near where you live. It doesn’t mean there’s no solution you can get. Log on here at TCM Clinic Online for online symptom checker to get intellectual diagnosis and therapy advice from expert Chinese medicine practitioners. This online service is dedicated to those looking for treatment based on Chinese herbal medicine to help them get what they need much easier from home. TCM Clinic Online is supported by the leading provider of Chinese medicine herbal healthcare products with its team of seasoned Chinese medicine practitioners.

How can you get diagnosed online? First you need to create an account and sign in to TCM Clinic. You can use its symptom tracker to list the symptoms you have and provide brief explanation of your condition. Just use the online form and it would be very easy to complete. It is also highly recommended to upload photos of your tongue, face, and other images to help the Chinese medicine doctor to make better diagnosis. Photo of tongue is very important because based on Chinese medicine principles, tongue is the prominent indicator of your level of health. Once you submitted your symptom list and the images, it won’t be long before you get an accurate diagnosis and course of treatment.